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The original width of G1 was 1.09 m.
Because of the width of the sarcophagus (1.35 m), it was necessary to broaden gate G1 before the entombment of the prince, from 1.09 m to 1.69 m.
Due to the widening of G1, the original wall paintings on wall 7 were nearly completely destroyed.
Only a hieroglyphic column, depicted in the upper right corner of the wall, has been preserved, stating ‘Words spoken by Atum, Lord of the Two Lands, the one from Heliopolis’ (75).
After the widening of G1, the destroyed parts of wall 7 were restored with a layer of white plaster.
The silhouette of the god Atum was carved into the layer of white plaster, but was never painted.
The restored parts of wall 7 were more fragile than the other walls of the tomb and were very susceptible to deterioration.
(74) shows a reconstruction of wall 7 as it was in March 2013.
The reconstruction shows that only the top of the pschent crown, the left arm holding the was sceptre, the left foot and part of the left leg of the god Atum are visible.

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