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The original width of gate G1 was 1.09 m.
Because of the width of the sarcophagus (1.35 m), it was necessary to broaden the gate G1 from 1.09 m to 1.69 m before the entombment of the prince.
Due to the widening of G1, the original wall paintings on wall 20 were completely destroyed.
Along the left edge of wall 20, the wall was then covered with a gray coating.
The rest of the wall was covered with a thick layer of white plaster; the silhouette of the god Horus-Iunmutef was carved into this (152).
The silhouette of the god was never painted.
To the right-hand side of wall 20, the painting of Prince Khaemwaset on wall 21 of the burial chamber is visible (152).

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