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The total length of the tomb of Prince Khaemwaset, from the entrance of the tomb to the rear wall of the rear annex, is 27.71 meters (= 90.91 feet).

The tomb is divided into three compartments:

. the vestibule (with its two annexes)
. the burial chamber (with two unfinished annexes)
. the rear annex

(26) shows the plan of the tomb.

The original widths of passages ET and G1 (26) were respectively 1.08 and 1.09 m.
Because of the width of the sarcophagus (1.35 m) it was necessary to broaden the entrance ET and gate G1 before the entombment of the prince.
The entrance ET was widened from 1.08 m to 1.73 m.
The gate G1 was widened from 1.09 m to 1.69 m.
The damaged parts of the walls on both sides of the entrance ET and the gate G1 were restored during the mummification process of the prince.
The restored parts of the walls were never repainted.
They were more fragile than the other walls of the tomb and very susceptible to deterioration.

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