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The original width of gate G1 was 1.09 m.
Because of the width of the sarcophagus (1.35 m), it was necessary to broaden gate G1 from 1.09 m to 1.69 m before the entombment of the prince.
Due to the widening of gate G1, part of the original murals on wall 19 was lost.
(150) shows wall 19 of the burial chamber.
Due to the widening of gate G1, the right edge of the wall was badly damaged and the hieroglyphic column with the name of the god was destroyed.
Fortunately, the original image of the god Horus-Iunmutef on wall 19 was largely preserved.
Only a part of the right hand, the entire left hand and a small part of the right foot of the god were lost.
The god Horus-Iunmutef wears the typical costume of an Iunmutef priest.
With his right arm stretched out in front of his chest, he welcomes Prince Khaemwaset at the entrance to the burial chamber (150).
(151) shows a close-up of the god Horus-Iunmutef.

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