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(197) shows the god Heryma’at on the left and the genie Nebneryu on the right.
‘Lord of Fear’ is the English translation of the genie’s name, Nebneryu.
‘Who is upon Ma’at’ is the English translation of the god’s name, Heryma’at
The genie Nebneryu has the shape of a human and the head of a lion.
He is wearing a blue tripartite wig and a blue tunic with horizontal black lines.
His left arm is hanging down and in his left hand he is holding a knife to protect Heryma’at.
His right arm, on the other hand, is held almost horizontally; it is fully extended with fingers outstretched and points in the direction of gate G2.
To the left of Nebneryu, who is standing upright, a hieroglyphic column is depicted, stating ‘Words spoken by the Lord of Fear’.
To the left of Nebneryu, the god Heryma’at is shown.
Heryma’at has the appearance of a young man, wears a white khat headdress and is sitting on a cushion with his legs pulled up to his chest.
A hieroglyphic column is depicted above the head of Heryma’at, stating ‘The great god, who is upon Ma’at’.
Nebneryu and Heryma’at are depicted on top of a building, which symbolizes Khaemwaset’s tomb.

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