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(192) shows on the left a hieroglyphic column and on the right the guardian of gate 15.
The guardian of gate 15 is depicted on wall 24, while gate 15 is painted on wall 22.
The guardian’s head is black; he is wearing a tunic and holding a green knife in each hand.
Above the guardian’s head, hieroglyphs show his name: ‘Watchful of face who comes forth from the Duat’.
‘Watchful of face who comes forth from the Duat’ is the English translation of the guardian’s name, Nehes-her-per-em-duat.
To the left of the guardian, a hieroglyphic column is shown, stating: ‘It is the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, User-Ma’at-Ra Mery-Amun, son of Ra, Lord of Appearances, Ramesses, Ruler of Heliopolis, true of voice, beloved of Meretseger, mistress of the West’.

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