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The original width of the entrance ET was 1.08 m.
Because of the width of the sarcophagus (1.35 m), it was necessary to broaden the entrance ET from 1.08 m to 1.73 m before the entombment of the prince.


The right wall was in a very bad state of conservation when the tomb was discovered in February 1903.
From the decoration on the right wall, only a damaged fragment in the upper part of the wall remains.
This fragment shows the goddess Ma’at (27).
A hairband tied behind her head holds an ostrich feather, symbol of the principles she represents: truth, justice, morality and balance.
Her extended left arm – with her hand closed and thumb extended – forms the upper edge of a wing.
The right arm, only preserved from the elbow downwards, forms the upper edge of a second wing, which is almost completely destroyed.
A shen ring with a damaged base is visible at the bottom right edge of the fragment.
Ma’at’s name is shown in front of her face in two columns of hieroglyphs, which state ‘Words spoken by Ma’at, daughter of Ra’ (27).


Today nothing remains of the decoration on the left wall of the entrance.

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